Can Cats Eat Popcorn or Is it Unhealthy for Them?

Popcorn has always remained to be one of the most favorite snacks among the people during their movie time.  No matter whether it is a Christmas party or the birthday celebration, having popcorns on the table is the much-needed ingredient. Imagine you are eating a big bowl of popcorns and your cat is sitting by your side watching you with the curiosity to eat one popcorn! But can cats eat popcorn?

Do cats eat popcorn? Quick Answer

All those cats who have been feeding with the commercial based cat food have been already eating the corn as the filler as well as cheap carbohydrates. It is considered to be nontoxic but it is not completely nutrition ones for them. You can serve them with a small number of popcorns but that too on the moderate amount as an occasional treat. 

Is Popcorns Safe for Kittens?

Just like cats, it is also important to learn the fact that can you serve the popcorns to the kittens as well.  Well for the kittens making them serve with the popcorns can be a little risky because they normally have the digestive system which is small and not easy in terms of digestion. They might get into the experience of facing the choking or intestine complications. Making them serve with just the small amount of popcorn can bring discomfort for their health. 

Can Cats Eat Plain Popcorns? 

Yes, at some point in time, plain popcorns can be a lot healthy for your cat because it is rich with the nutritional value content in it. Plain popcorns are also free from the flavorings which will not be giving your cat digestive system with any sort of disturbance.  You should consult a vet expert in order to know more about the serving amount of plain popcorns.

What are the Complications of Popcorn For Your Cats?

If your cat has by mistake consumed the popcorn whose flavorings she cannot handle properly, it might be possible that your cat will face the issues of nausea. Facing vomiting and upset stomach issues are also common.  The amount of extra salt can even bring the issues the heart failure for your cat. In case you feel such signs, you should instantly be taking them to the vet specialist. You should always keep a monitoring check on how your cat has been reacting to the food items being served to them.

Can Cats Eat Popcorns? Final Conclusion

Now let’s end up the query of can cats eat popcorns with the simple answer which is “maybe”. You can serve your cat with the popcorns but make sure to keep it moderate in serving. You can make it add in their diet plan as an occasional treat.  You should consult a vet expert in order to know more about the serving amount of popcorns. You can make them served with the plain air-popped form of popcorns. It should be completely free from the flavorings.

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