Can Cats eat Potatoes? Is it Healthy for Your Cat?

Normally all the potatoes that are in the cooked form are included with the high amount of proteins and vitamins. They do contain a rich amount of fiber which is so healthy for the human body. But can it show the same results for the cat body system as well? Can cats eat potatoes? Let’s have a brief discussion about it?

Can Cats Eat Potatoes? A Quick Answer 

Well, the query that can cat eat potatoes will normally depend on the factor that how the potato has been cooked for you.  For instance, we would like to mention that cats are so much intolerant when it comes to the serving of sweet potatoes.  Serving your cats with the French fries can also bring a huge threat to their digestive system. In the same way, the raw form of potatoes can be a lot lethal for your cats. 

Can Cats Eat Raw potatoes?

Raw potatoes are known out to be so much poisonous for your cat’s health just like the human body.  This is probably because they are included with the toxic chemical named as solanine. This chemical will be acting upon as the defense mechanism which can be risky for the cats as well as the human body.  In case if your cat has consumed the raw potato you should instantly make them attend a vet specialist. 

Are Sweet potatoes Healthy for your Cat?

Now let’s talk about the sweet potatoes!  Sweet potatoes do not contain solanine chemicals. The ASPCA has even labeled the sweet potato vine being non-toxic to all felines. But as we talk about the cats, these sweet potatoes can bring certain health issues for your cat’s health. They will be facing certain issues in terms of the digestive system.  You can make it served to your cat in a form of the small bite which will not at all be harmful to your cat. You can make it add in their food bowl as the occasional treat. 

Are Cooked potatoes Dangerous for Cats?

It is also important to learn that can cats eat potatoes in the cooked form!  You can safely let your cat be served with the boiled potatoes or the one which is in baked or mashed form. Most of the cat foods are even included with certain potato ingredients. Cooked potatoes are taken to be safe just because all the toxins are completely ruined through the cooking process.  These cooked potatoes are giving extra fiber and protein to the cat’s health on effective terms.

Can cats eat potatoes-Final Verdict?

Summing up the whole discussion about can cats eat potatoes, we would say that yes potatoes are healthy for your cats but just in cooked form.  As we have already mentioned that raw or mashed potatoes are not healthy for your cat so make sure that you avoid making it add in their food bowl. In case if any side effects appear, make sure you do consult the vet specialist. 

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